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20171031 ReViews – DLG in Eastern Europe

20171029 – Israel – World Jewry

20171015 סדר יום חדש – ישראל כמדינת הלאום של העם היהודי20171015 מיפוי ממשקי ממשלת ישראל עם העולם היהודי

20171029 ReViews – DLG in Eastern Europe

For the full document, press here: 20171108 GOI Structure V-a-V Jewish World

In this paper, the Reut Institute maps out the relationship between different official
agencies of the State of Israel and World Jewry, and presents the conclusions and
recommendations derived from this. This paper follows the conceptual framework that
Reut published in March 2017, which predicted the current “perfect storm” in the
relationship between Israel and World Jewry.
The Reut Institute believes that the relationship with World Jewry should be
defined by the Government of Israel (GOI) as a national security issue. However,
there is no clear national security strategy that deals with this issue, and as a
result, Israel does not have any clear policy regarding this relationship.
Since 2008, the Reut Institute has been promoting the concept of Jewish peoplehood in
Israel and worldwide through innovative research and programs.

See also our paper on the proposed Agenda of the 21st Century on this issue

The Reut Institute thanks Mr. Amnon and Dr. Katie Rodan for their generous support of this work.20171007_132529

This paper proposes an updated agenda for the relationship between World Jewry
and the State of Israel that fully expresses the character of Israel as the nation-state
of the Jewish People. The context for this agenda and the sense of urgency that
propelled its formulation is the ‘perfect storm’ that erupted in June 2017, which is
disrupting this historic relationship.
This agenda is based on the conceptual framework published by the Reut Group in
March 2017 and was developed with the generous and visionary support of Katie
and Amnon Rodan. Our hope is that it will be discussed, improved and eventually
embraced by the Government of Israel and World Jewry leadership.

For the paper press on the link below: 20171007_125534

20171005 – Israel-World-Jewry New Agenda – final