In order to encourage a public debate on the need to establish a new social contract, that will regulate the relations between Government and citizens, and on the approach towards inclussive growth and comuunity building, we travelled across Israel to meet individuals and communities. To date, we have led and taken part in more than 30 meetings, including presenting our work in the tents camps across Israel (Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva, Rehovot, Lod, Haifa, Mitzpe Ramon, Holon), participating in conferences (such as the ‘civil leadership’ and ‘Israel 2021′ conferences) and meeting with students’ groups and social movements.

We are committed to continuing this journey to ensure that each one of us has a fair opportunity to contribute to our country’s growth and to enjoy the fruits of this growth.

For more details see our: media coverage summary, google map and facebook page(Hebrew only).

One thought on “The New Social Contract – A Trans-Israel Journey

  1. Certainly talking and exchanging viewpoints and problems is good. And prior to taking action it is wise to know what is the best direction to go in in terms of meeting people’s needs and what institutional resistances are likely to occur.
    But it is also good to understand the depth of resistance and the degree of ferosity one is likely to encounter. That even relatively mild reforms are certain to be resisted and whatever may be in the majority of people’s interest will harm someone else’s interest and they will resist whatever change is proposed.
    As an example, building more apartments in theTel-Aviv area means building less in the occupied territories. The religious people whose interest is at stake in having units built in their area will resist having resources re-directed away from them.
    In other words, no matter how civilly one starts out, in the end it is warfare overt or disguised.

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