This policy paper outlines the concepts of ‘broad tent’ and ‘red lines’ which were created by the Reut Institute as key concepts and pillars of the systemic global response to the delegitimization campaign.

The concepts of ‘broad tent’ and ‘red lines’ were formed in response to our diagnostics of the strategy of the assault on the State of Israel’s legitimacy, and particularly of the BDS movement.

We believe that following these principles would prove to be effective in turning the tide against the delegitimizers, helping Israel and its allies to recapture the center ground, isolate and marginalize the delegitimizers, and re-engage with groups that had been hitherto pushed away.

One thought on “Policy Paper: Reut’s Broad Tent and Red-Lines Approach

  1. It seems to me that Reut has not expanded the tent but simply moved it leftwards and unintentionally, one hopes, excluded the patriotic Right and anyone who for the most pragmatic and pro Israel reasons rejects the two-state solution as an unworkable fantasy inevitably leading to war.

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