20090728 - National Resilience Strategy-bigEarlier this month, Reut Analysts from the Communities Team attended the National Resilience workshop at ‘Emek Yezreel‘ regional training and activity center which aimed at encouraging the processes of building organizational coordination and mutual partnerships on the local level.

The event brought together representatives from different government ministries as well as NGO’s active in the field of municipality emergency preparedness. The list of organizations included delegates from the Home Front Command, Emergency Arrangement Group, National Emergency Authority, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Israel Trauma Coalition for Response and Preparedness, and JDC-ELKA.

The meeting was organized against the backdrop of the events at the Home Front during the Second Lebanon War.  At the center of the discussion was the issue of the relationship between the government and civilian sectors during times of crises.

The delegates agreed that there is a need for a new conceptual framework that would rearrange the relations between the state and society during times of routine, thus providing a clear and long term operational platform for the Israeli Home Front during emergencies.

Shared Government and NGO perception of conduct of the Home Front, based on a clear ‘culture of preparedness’, presents a firm foundation for more efficient and effective activity in times of emergency, which can result in the pooling of resources and the ability to successfully advance through any kind of future crisis.

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